My Story

My Story

A lot of people are quite sceptical, when they ask me what my job is and i tell them, that I am a badminton coach. Badminton isn’t really a big thing in my homecountry Germany (not yet, but helping to change that is one of my big goals). Many people here don’t even know what badminton is and those who know are usually confused about working as a coach in such an “unpopular” sport. Especially when they hear that I could have started a “normal job” as a teacher after my studies. I love teaching, but I also realized that I want to have more badminton in my daily life, so I found my own way to do both.

2018 I passed the highest badminton coaching course in Germany, the so called A-Trainer. 2019 i finished the BWF Level 3 coaching course as well as my masters studies in sports and mathematics for teaching. At the moment I work for the bavarian and the german national federation as tutor for their coach education, and I train elite youth athletes at a regional center.

” I love teaching, but I also realized that i want to have more badminton in my daily life, so i found my own way to do both.”

But to be honest being coach is only half the story, because first and foremost I still love nothing more than standing on court myself. Even if my years as a professional player at the national trainingcenter in Saarbr├╝cken ended in 2016, I still have so much love for the game and I am just not ready to hang up my racket yet. That’s the reason why i use every free minute to keep me in shape so I can still play at a high level as long as possible.

Besides national and international tournaments I also compete with my team in the highest german league, the 1. Bundesliga. After going down to the second league in 2018, I am really happy that we manged to get back up again last season.

You probably realized already that I am quite passionate about badminton (if not just ask my girlfriend) and there are many reasons why. On one hand my parents met through it, so it is probably the reason why I exist. On the other hand commiting to that fantastic sport helped me find so many friends, make amazing experiences in countries all around the world and it also pathed my way to a life, where I now can do the things I love day in and day out.

I know there are a already many people that understand, why I am so passionate about Badminton, and I am sure there are even more waiting to be convinced that there is no better sport in the world. With this page I want to share my experiences, insights and thoughts with all those people from a players and coaches perspective and also hope to give some inspiration about following your dreams and finding your own way to happiness.


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