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My Story

I always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, compete with the best in the world and represent my country on the highest level. I went all in on badminton, gave it all I got – but didn’t make it. At least not to the level I was dreaming of but would I consider my story as a failure? Not at all!

In the end I made it to the national center, I was part of the national team and going all in on my dream gave me so many incredible memories and experiences by doing something i deeply love, day in and day out. So would i make the same decision againg? 100%! Would I do everything the same way? Probably not, I learned quite a bit along the road…

Badminton Fitness Part 1: The Energy Systems

How can I train my fitness for badminton? Should I go running? What can I do so I do not loose my speed in the third game? There are tons of different questions, that players ask about endurance and fitness in badminton. So I decided to start a series of articles to take on those questions, and to give a better understanding of how endurance training for a badmintonplayer should look like. The Energy in our body First of all we must understand, what are the limiting factors in terms of endurance and in this

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