How to practice badminton at home

How to practice badminton at home

Crazy times at the moment. Due to the coronavirus, me and millions of others are forced to stay at home. No chance to play or practice badminton at the moment, so it is no wonder that so many try to look for a way to train and improve at home. I think it is not easy to make a really badminton specific training with shuttle and racket at home with only little space, but I put a lot of thought in it and I think there are a few very good things you can work on, even under these difficult circumstances:

  1. Timing of tension and relaxation to create power
  2. Finger- and armpower
  3. Grip change and feeling for the racket
  4. Deceptions
  5. Service for doubles

In the following video I will go in detail on all five points mentioned above and will give you specific examples you should try out:

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