Find your Flow: 7 Advice for Mental Toughness

Nothing worse than losing a close game because of a service error or because of easy mistakes in crucial situations. A lot of players are on a good level in terms of technical skills and physical abilities but they are struggling with the mental side of the game. Because of that they underperform under pressure, and with those bad experiences in mind it can create a downwards spiral when it comes to high pressure situations.

In this video I will present you seven strategies, that can help you to avoid these awkward situations in the future by finding into your perfect flow state when it matters:

Please be aware, that most of these advice need practice before you will be able to use them during competition. Just like a new skill with the racket you have to train your mind through repetition, so try to implement the strategies from the video like routines or the search for the optimal performance zone every time you play a match during training.

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